Een huis voor boeken, cultuur en ontmoeting. Literair, progressief en coöperatief.
EAN:  9781529394948
Publicatiedatum:   27-10-2022
Formaat:  Hardback
Taal:  Engels
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A fascinating history of stones and the surprising ways they have - and continue to - shape, influence and inspire us, in a beautiful volume. Lapidarium weaves the surprising stories of the 60 most fascinating stones into a rich cultural history: from the red ground hematite pigment our cave-painting ancestors used and the mystery behind the tuff Easter Island heads, to the columbite that caused the Playstation War and the intriguing history of the cairngorm crystal ball, to the scandalous story of Flint Jack, whose forgeries still populate many museums in the UK today. Journeying from granite and old red sandstone, rocks formed deep within the Earth's crust, to the moon rock samples that only recently revealed how Earth's only satellite was formed, and through the realms of art, myth, geology, philosophy and power, from the Stone Age onwards, Lapidarium is a dazzling, epoch-spanning story of humanity, told through the minerals and materials that have shaped us and inspired us.

    EAN: 9781529394948
    Uitgever: Veltman Distributie Import Books
    Publicatiedatum:   27-10-2022
    Formaat: Hardback
    Taal: Engels
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    Aantal bladzijden: 336