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16-05-2024 |



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Four women spark a revolution on a Caribbean island - the electrifying new novel from the Costa-winning author of The Mermaid of Black Conch.

Early one morning, at the close of St Colibri's carnival, a young female steel-pan player is found dead beneath a cannonball tree. It is a discovery that will transform the lives of everyone on this small island.

As the days pass, this shocking event draws together four women.

There's Sharleen, a journalist with an eye for the real story. Her childhood friend Tara, a pink-haired, straight-talking local activist. Gigi, the 'notorious' founder of the Port Isabella Sex Workers Collective.

And Daisy, first lady of St Colibri, who is haunted by a disappearance in her own family decades ago.

In a community in which women's voices are often silenced and violence against them is overlooked time after time, the group soon find themselves compelled to speak out - and to act. But even they could never have foreseen the consequences of their courage...


EAN :9781787303980
Uitgever :Harvill Secker
Publicatie datum :  16-05-2024
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