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Reading group 'Marx in the Anthropocene' by Kohei Saito (session 6)


Session 6

Join us as we delve into the idea of degrowth communism one chapter at a time. No prior expertise required, just curiosity and a willingness to discuss the subject.

Should degrowth be aligned with communism, a line of thinking that has been considered to promote productivism? Can they provide us with an intellectual and political ground to adopt a sustainable society? With these questions in mind, we will critically read, meet, and discuss, Kohei Saito’s book ‘Marx in the Anthropocene: Towards the Idea of Degrowth Communism’ this coming spring.

In this book, Kohei Saito investigates new materials published in the complete works of Marx and Engels and presents us with a Marx quite at odds with conventional interpretations. The book offers a novel idea of Marx's alternative to capitalism that should be adequately characterized as degrowth communism.

In this reading group, we will read the book together in a friendly climate to critically discuss whether or not Saito’s arguments have any relevance for our future imaginations of a sustainable society. Welcome to join us in the task of figuring out an answer in seven sessions! This reading group is designed for anyone interested in exploring the topic, regardless of their previous knowledge.

About the reading group:

  • The language spoken in the reading group will be English as the book is not translated into Dutch yet.
  • The group will gather on every second Monday evening (excluding the holiday periods) at 19.00.
  • Last session:
  • June 24  (session 7)

The initiator and coordinator is Arınç Onat Kılıç, a PhD student at the University of Antwerp


  • Where: De Groene Waterman - Wolstraat 7, 2000 Antwerp
  • When: Monday 10 June at 19.00
  • Registration is free. You can register via this email address:
The following shows which chapter(s) will be discussed in which meeting:
March 11
Practicalities - introduction
March 25
Part I Marx’s Ecological Critique of Capitalism and Its Oblivion 
1. Marx’s Theory of Metabolism in the Age of Global Ecological Crisis 
2. The Intellectual Relationship between Marx and Engels Revisited from an Ecological Perspective 43 
3. Lukács’s Theory of Metabolism as the Foundation of Ecosocialist Realism 73 
May 6
Part II A Critique of Productive Forces in the Age of Global Ecological Crisis 
4. Monism and the Non-identity of Nature 103 
5. The Revival of Utopian Socialism and the Productive Forces of Capital 136 
May 27
Part III Towards Degrowth Communism 
6. Marx as a Degrowth Communist: The MEGA and the Great Transformation after 1868 171 
June 10
7. The Abundance of Wealth in Degrowth Communism 
June 24
Concluding discussion
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